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good morning, america. this morning, heat wave. a huge mass of soupy, swampy heat is descending upon the american heartland today. it is going to be blazing hot all the way from texas up to minnesota where -- check this out -- it's going to feel like 110 today, and wait until you hear how long this thing is going to last. dangerous deadline. time is running out, and democrats and republicans are as far apart as ever on a plan to raise the debt ceiling. the president makes one last big push to get a deal done, but what happens to your bottom line if there is no deal? the effects are very real. countdown. one of the most controversial figures in american life right now is just hours away from walking out of jail after being acquitted of murdering her
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toddler. what will casey anthony do now? can she go home? will she sell her story for a million dollars? we've got a live report. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ and carmageddon. los angeles is brought to a standstill as the busiest freeway in america is shut down overnight. millions of residents are now hunkered down in their homes refusing to go out. there are fears of gridlock, chaos and anarchy. really? ♪ light a candle this carmageddon thing has the potential to be a huge mess, but we are also watching something truly extraordinary this morning. one of the most feared figures in the media world in full damage control. rupert murdoch, owner of fox news and "the wall street journal" here in the u.s. issuing public apologies in the biggest newspapers over in britain this morning saying he's sorry that his reporters hacked into the phones of everyone from
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politicians to murder victims. we are looking this morning at a business titan humbled, and it is likely to get even more difficult. >> he already withdrew his bid to take over bskyb, one of the largest broadcasters in britain. the question is, is that enough to save face for rupert murdoch? also, a showbiz shock they are morning. superstar jennifer lopez and her husband of seven years, marc anthony, are calling it quits. what's behind the breakup of what looked like one of hollywood's happiest couples? we'll have the latest on that. >> third marriage for her, and they did seem pretty happy singing those duets together. >> beautiful twins. >> yeah, too bad. also coming up, we all know the workplace can be a jungle, but t re's a question for you. how is your boss like a baboon? i'm sure you can think of a few ways, but there is this morning a new study, actual science that says baboons can give us an insight into why being the boss may not be so great. >> it's stressful at the top, dan. >> it is. but we do begin with that dangerous heat wave that is burnining the country today. take a look at this map.
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there are going to be record temperatures all the way from texas to the northern plains and it is going to last all week. in chicago they've already started going door to door warning people who may be at risk in extreme heat and amber sullins from our phoenix affiliate at knxv is here with more. amber, i just came back from texas atat:00 a.m. it was unbearable. >> we have 13 states right now from texas and l lisiana all the way up to the canadian border under some kind of a heat alert whether it be a watch, warning or advisory. dallas, this will be day 15 for you of consecutive triple-digit heat. 101 there today. 101 in oklahoma city, even flirting with the triple digits in places like denver and rapid city, but, of course, we factor in the humidity and we are talking heat indices well above that. it will feel like 112 in oklahoma city today, fargo feeling like 109, so these places in the north not used to that heat really feeling it for the next few days and 106 for your heat indice in minnnnpolis. that's for this afternoon. now, as far as this heat goes,
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it's going to be sticking around. this heat bubble is going to expand across the country over the next several days, so we have a really long stretch to get through where we just need to make sure we are drinking lots of water and we are limiting our time outdoors in the heat of the day and also wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to try to stay cool because it's going to stick around for quite some time. bianna. >> all right, amber. some dangerous temperatures there. we want to turn to washington now where crucial talks to raise the limit on the country's credit card are still stalemated. august 2nd is the deadline to break the impasse and get a debt deal done, a a if they don't meet that deadline, it could have real consequences for your wallet. abc's david kerley is in washington with the latest on the big showdown. and, david, now the administration is saying that they have to have a deal done by july 22nd to meet that deadline. >> reporter: that's next friday, and that's because if you back up how long it's going to take a piece of legislation to get through congress, you need to get it done by next friday to get everything taken care of by august 2nd before the country runs out of borrowing power. time is running out. the president looks like he's lost his effort to get this big
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deal, so now members of the republican party are concentrating on a short-term deal as our economy really does hang in the balance. for the second time in a week, the president faced reporters. >> let's at least avert armageddon. >> reporter: trying to make his case to the american people and republicans. >> we have a unique opportunity to do something big. >> reporter: saying he is ready to deal. >> if they show me a serious plan, i'm ready to move. >> reporter: but the president's demand to increase revenues, also known as taxes, has left republicans fractured. some want the deal and raise the debt ceiling. some don't even want to talk about it. >> i vototno. >> reporter: no matter what? >> no matter what. i think it's wrong. >> reporter: this is why a somewhat bizarre plan by the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell continues to gain attention this morning. give the authority to the president to raise the debt ceiling. the republican theory, let mr. obama get blamed for racking up more on the national debit card, part of the republican strategy to beat the president in 2012. >> he's flexing his presidential
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muscle to try to frame the debate in a way that's advantageous to him, and he's got some data which suggests the american people are on his side in terms of a more balanced plan. >> reporter: the stakes are high with threats to the country's creditworthiness being downgraded. now, that may sound like a lot of wall street talk, but we will all feel it on main street. just the threat of the u.s. defaulting, not paying its loans off could mean a massive drop on wall street affecting all of our 401(k)s, a large increase in interest rates meaning your mortgage, auto loan and credit cards will cost you more, and payments to social security, medicare and veteran recipients could stop. it is not a pretty picture. >> everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not their own facts. and the facts are that if you do not raise the debt ceiling, if america defaults on its debt, we will be in a deeper fiscal hole almost overnight. >> reporter: now, there was no meeting yesterday, nothing scheduled for today, and nototng scheduled for tomorrow yet. the vice president is out of town so are some of the leading
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members of capitol hill on both sides of the party, republicans and democrats, so we don't know if they're going to meet tomorrow, dan, but the clock is ticking very quickly. >> it is, indeed. david kerley, thank you for your reporting this morning. > now to the humbling of a billionaire media mogul, rupert murdoch, a man who is not used to groveling, is on an apology tour this morning trying to contain the damage from that massive phone hacking scandal. this contrition mission started yesterday when murdoch personally asked forgiveness from the family of a 13-year-old murder victim named milly dowler whose cell phone messages were hacked into and even erased by one of his reporters. >> reporter: can you tell us -- >> no, i'm not going to say any thing further. i just said that. as head of the company i was appalled to find out what happened. i apologize, and i have nothing further to say. >> but murdoch does have something further to say. he is continuing his apologies this morning saying sorry now to all of britain. abc's jeffrey kofman is in london this morning with the story.
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jeffrey, what is he saying and where? >> reporter: well, take a look. this is his own "times of london." "we are sorry." this is in all the national l newspapers here. actually to say quite appropriately, it's a contrition mission. you know, i was trying to figure out what analogy works here, is it shakespearian but it actually reminds me of "a christmas carol" when ebenezer approaches tiny tim and tries to atone for his past sins. >> now, this situation is likely to get worse for murdoch before gets better. on tuesday he's going to be dragged before the british parliament. how bad is that likely to be for him? >> reporter: i think that the entire world on cable tv will be watching. this is going to be quite the spectacle. he did not want to go. in fact, he said he wouldn't go and then realized that was yet another public relations fiasco. he and his son james and rebekah brooks, his shamed lieutenant, will all appear before parliament, and i think you're going to see the modern-day version of a public flogging. it's going to be ugly and his son james himself is not
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out of hot water y. his son james could face serious charges in this. >> indeed. in the u.s. we're watching this as a drama unfolding involving a very powerful man, but over in the uk it's been called the british watergate. why is that? >> reporter: this is huge. you just cannot underestimate or should i say overestimate the importance of this because the people of britain have discovered something they didn't know, that for the last 30 years murdoch through the power of these papers, and he owns four of the major papers, 40% of the circulation in this country, has been bullying politicians of all parties to follow his political line, and if you didn't, he destroyed you in his papers, and now they're discovering that, and now he has been brought to his knees. >> a huge story on both sides of the pond. jeffrey kofman, thank you. and now to los angeles where they've been brarang for this for weeks. a traffic disaster of biblical, you might even say hollywood proportions. it has now this morning officially begun. carmageddon, a portion of the 405 freeway, the most heavily aveled highway in america is
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now shut down for roadwork, and abc's david wright is right out in the middle of the 405 this morning to tell us how the city is coping. david, it looks lonely out there. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it is an unusual place to be to say the least. we're standing right at the edge of the 405. normally even at this hour cars would be whizzing by here, in fact, this might be the only time of day that they whiz by because other times of day it is bumper to bumper but as you can see you're looking at ten lanes of empty. the only things moving are the construction vehicles. one of the busiest freeways in the country, and now it's a ghost town. even before the clock struck midnight, tempers flared as authorities stopped all traffic heading toward the 405 a bit earlier than planned. overnight road workers lost no time starting what must be the most talked about highway repair project in history. >> carmageddon. >> reporter: for weeks now l.a. officials have predicted doomsday. >> now is the hour.
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we're asking all of you to cooperate. ♪ >> reporter: carmageddon has been the top of the evening news. >> yes, they're going to close the freeway tonight. >> reporter: and the butt of jokes for late night comics. >> and you won't be able to go anywhere on the 405. i suppose when it's open you can't go anywhere on the 405. >> reporter: a crisis perfececy suited to the l.a. zeitgeist. >> in l.a., i'm going to go to the kitchen and get a snack. where are my car keys? i got to -- everything is automobile related here. >> reporter: in a way it's sort of poetic justice that our machine should rise up and then our downfall is that we're gridlocked. >> i think this is just the opening act for carpocalypse coming to a theater near you. >> reporter: people in l.a. are taking these threats seriously. these aerial shots show friday night traffic quieter than it's been in years. no parties for paris hilton this weekend. she tweeted, "i'm not leaving my house to drive anywhere." this thing must be big.
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big enough to lure erik estrada out of retirement. >> so plan ahead, avoid the area. >> reporter: t tstar in a public service campaign about carmageddon. we caught up with him at l.a.x. as he drove as quickly as possible out of town. >> i think it's going to be terrific. i think it's a wononrful, adventurous weekend as long as you stay home. >> reporter: as long as you're not driving. officer popoh doesn't want to be anywhere near carmageddon thihi weekend. you know, they say that the last time the freeway was this empty was during o.j. simpson's slow-speed car chase. that was the 405, as well. it's going to remain quiet through the weekend so the construction workers can finish their task. the end of the world, not so much, but it is going to be an inconvenience to many people. dan, bianna? >> it does look lonely for him. hope he doesn't have to walk home from that freeway. all right, david. ron claiborne is on assignment so we have andrea canning joining us with the news
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headlines. good morning, andrea. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. it took me two hours in l.a. last week to get from the airport to the bureau on the 405. >> really. >> yes. >> and that was before carmageddon. >> exactly, exactly. good morning, everyone. mitt romney in the early front-runner in the race for the republican presidential nomination, and he also leads another important race, the one for campaign cash. romney added more than $18 million to his campaign from april through june. he now has about three times more money than his closest rival. michele bachmann is off to a fast start raising more than $4 million since joining the race in june. president obama far outpaced his republican rivals pulling in more than $47 million for his re-election campaign. rebels battling moammar gadhafi for control of libib are getting a major boost. the u.s. has formally recognized the rebel leadership as the country's legitimate government. that frees up billions of dollars from gadhafi's frozen accounts from around the world to fund the poorly equipped insurgency. despite the pressure, gadhafi remains defiant vowing never to
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surrender. astronauts aboard the international space station got a special wake-up call this morning. ♪ who will run the world girls girls who will run the world girls girls ♪ >> and that is beyonce singing "run the world girls." the pop star also recorded a message singling out t t only woman aboard the final shuttle flight. on friday the crew got a calal from president obama. and finally, a real-life angry bird. a red-winged blackbird has been terrorizing people walking down a street in grand rapids, michigan. the bird has been seen swooping down from his perch tapping people on their head and then flying away. it appears to be protecting its nest. this type of bird is known for doing this -- ouch -- when it lays eggs. maybe it's like natural childbirth laying eggs like he's hurt. he's angry. >> protecting the nest. we got to give him some credit. thank you, andrea. let's get to the weather now. amber sullins from our phoenix affiliate knxv. amber, good morning once again.
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>> good morning, well, we had bad news last time around with all that heat. good news now because some beneficial rain across the south over the next day or so. some of these spots under extreme drought, so they are going to be getting in on the good stuff. some places more than 2 inches by tonight. let's take a look at what's happening across the country, and what we want to tell y y is that we have a new low pressure system rolling in to the pacific northwest bringing some rain there as well and a look around the nation, 105 for phoenix today. last day before you hit 112.
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>> most of the country dealing with heat. we'll have more of that coming up. dan? >> thanks, amber. are you jealous of your boss? do you suspect that she or he has it too easy? well, according to a new study of baboons, yes, the furry primates, being the boss may have some serious drawbacks, and abc's andrea canning is back with that story. >> we'll stay away from calling our boss a baboon. >> we will. yes. >> well, they say it's lonely at the top, but now researchers say it's also super stressful and that complies in the face of past finding that say that stress levels drop as you climb the ladder of session. they scream. they throw tantrums. they make bad decisions. primates, yes, but also our bosses? now a new study finds they're more alike than you think. princeton researchers studied groups of baboons, and what they found, the alpha male of any group, the boss, the one who
7:17 am
gets all the benefits, more power, more food, more women also gets one more extra, all the stress. >> although there are some really big advantages to being top ranking, that it comes with much more cost than was previously thought. the alpha baboon had much higher stress levels. >> reporter: and they're always stressed, even when their group is relatively stable as they try to keep order and fight off challenges to their leadership. turns out it's not so good to be the king. high levels of stress can cause all sorts of physical problems, often leading to a shorter life in primates and humans. >> being number one, the top dog, the big boss in the corner office certainly has its obvious privileges, but at what cost? the incredible stress, the premature graying, all the things that come along with having the buck stop with you. >> reporter: but who else is stressed? according to the study, the lowest ranking baboons are too because while the alpha male is
7:18 am
trying to defend his food and women, his lower baboons are fighting to get their, so who has it best? turns out it's those beta baboons. let's call them middle management. they get some of the benefits of being in charge without all the headaches. >> perhaps the beta baboon has it right. being the guy in the middle can bring a whole lot of advantages, perhaps greater advantages than those above and below him. >> call me sometime. so if you're number two at work, maybe it's not in your best interest to follow the advice of that classic car rental commercial and try harder. you might just live longer. i strive for mediocrity just to keep the stress levels down. >> yeah. thank you for justifying my laziness. >> you work way too hard to strive for mediocrity. >> thank you, bianna. i think we all do. well it's not stressful to be at the top of the box office. how about this segue. we'll move over to harry potter. muggles by the millions are saying good-bye to harry potter this weekend, the final
7:19 am
installment in the film franchise took in 43 million in midnight screenings alone. a new box office record, and as abc's t.j. winick learned, many are also saying good-bye to their childhood. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> reporter: ten years. eight films, $6 billion in ticket sales. harry potter has cast a spell over an entire generation. fans celebrated and lined up for friday's midnight release of "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2." the final installment in a pop culture phenomenon unlike any other. >> i'm devastated. i haveveo clue what i'm going to do when it's over. >> reporter: many of these mere muggles or humans literally grew up with the boy wizard. >> we graduated high school when the seventh book came out. i know we graduated college when the last movie came out. so it's like our childhood is over. >> reporter: a little over the top? not really says one doctor of psychology. >> this is like the end of "oprah" for them. this really is a rite of passage
7:20 am
and having to say good-bye to a piece of their life. >> repororr: before the movies there were the books, seven of them. >> obliviate, stupefy.y. >> reporter: soon kids were speaking a whole new language. words like quidditch, the game where the object is to throw the quaffle through the hoop. mandrakes, a magical root that looks like a person and makes an awful squealing noise when you pull it out of its pot. >> i think it's cool because now our generation has something to pass on. >> reporter: for now there's the harry potter theme park in orlando and, of course, video games. still fans just don't seem ready to let go. >> it's actually a time of mourning. ey're very depressed about the end of this and wondering how they're going to fill this void. >> the official end of my youth. i'm so sad. the movie was perfect. >> reporter: so while the tale of harry potter has ended, it's the start of a new chapter for millions of fans who have had one heck of a ride.
7:21 am
for "good morning america," i'm t.j. winick in new york. >> what are we going to do without quidditch? >> like the "diehard" series was for me. >> oh, really. >> yeah. well, coming up on "good morning america," j. lo goes solo. superstar singer jennifer lopez and marc anthony end their seven-year marriage. what caused the breakup? and casey anthony getting out of jail in hours. what will she do next? our coverage up next. what will she do next? our coverage up next.
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory and i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge good morning, america. there it is, one of the goals at the world cup that helped propel the u.s. women's soccer team from relative anonymity to stardom. they are now on the edge of glory as lady gaga would say, one day away from the world cup championship game again againsns japan tomorrow, and coming up we're going to introduce you to the team captain, who is a real-life soccer mom, the only one on the squad. >> there is soccer fever in this country. the first time they've been in the championship since 1999. >> which was a huge game, if i recall. >> a huge game. we're all excited about that game. i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, july 16th along with dan harris. also this morning, not so good news, jenny from the block is back on the single scene. well, could be good news for
7:31 am
millions of men around the world that jennifer lopez and marc anthony announced that they are separating after seven years of marriage. so what went wrong in what appeared to be one of hollywood's happier marriages? we'll get into that breakup, as well. >> just gave an interview a few months ago talking about how in love they were. interesting story. plus, your weekly gift to us. a little segment we call "your three words." we're going to see what's going on in your lives coming up. but first the story that is infuriating millions of americans this morning. the clock is ticking toward freedom for casey anthony. there will be massive security outside the jail tomorrow when she is released. she is walking free after being acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. so many questions this morning. can she stay safe out on the outside? where will she go? can she go home? abc's jim avila is in orlando this morning. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. casey ananony may, in fact, have slept her last night here at orange county jail, in fact, as early as tomorrow at midnight or
7:32 am
tonight at midnight, depending on how you look at it, she could be released. the exact details of her release are being kept a state secret, but one thing we do know from her lead attorney, jose baez, is that she will not be sleeping the next night at her parents' house. >> do you know what time she's getting out tomorrow? have you spoken with her recently? >> reporter: not much insight from defense attorney chaney mason as he made his first and perhaps last jail visit with casey anthony since her not guilty verdict on murder charges leaving several big questions about the most famous acquitted murder suspect since o.j. simpson. >> reporter: where will she go and what will she do? her defense team giving no clue, even to abc's barbara walters. >> where is she going to live? is she going to go back and live with them again? >> i think unfortunately it's too soon to tell that. we don't have all of the answers yet. >> reporter: since her acquittal the only welcome guest at jail have been her attorneys. she's refused to see her mother,
7:33 am
and her father, george anthony, seemed to widen the rift with an e-mail sent to reporters and followers asking them to support a petition for caylee's law making it a felony not to report missing children. casey, of course, partied and lied about caylee's whereabouts for a month after her daughter was last seen leaving perhaps only trusted attorney jose baez and his team in casey's corner. in fact, orlando legal analyst bill schafer is convinced her legal advisers will personally guide casey anthony to safety and economic security and likely far, far away in the land of ality tv. >> casey, come on. >> where does she go? she goes to los angeles. you have enough celebrity, even though it's the kind of celebrity most of us don't want, you can live out there, and you can live comfortably. >> reporter: casey anthony has already been offered a million dollars from an independent producer to tell her story, appalling to many including the jury foreman who told abc's ashleigh banfield, who covered the trial from start to finish, he was shocked how quickly
7:34 am
anthony is being set free and hopes she does not make millions off the acquittal. >> we're dealing with a child who is deceased. to profit off it would be -- is not something in my nature, and it's something that i just can't imagine somebody doing, especially the mother of that child. >> reporter: now, there is still some legal business for her legal team to attend to. yesterday they filed papers which appealed her lying convictions. that could be a tactic to avoid her testifying or in being in depositions in criminal proceedings, in civil proceedings that are still under way. she's being sued by at least two people, ononbeing the person who had the same name as that fictional nanny and the other being the search team which tried to find caylee anthony when she was -- when casey anthony probably knew where she was. >> a lot of -- >> reporter: so there's still some things to go on there. >> yeah, i was going to say, a lot of problems for her going forward, but is it true that there are no special security arrangements being made for her? >> reporter: well, at this point the only special thing happening is that she will not just walk
7:35 am
out of the jail. what will happen, dan, is that she will be escorted by law enforcement authorities somewhere. we don't know where, andndfter that, no, the town will not take any kind or the state of florida will not take any kind of precautions for her. that will be up to private security. we know she's had at least seven threats. >> wow, and including one quite visceral death threat recently. jim avila on what will be a major story for us this weekend. jim, thank you. and now let's go over to andrea canning for another look at the headlines this morning. good morning. >> good morning, dan. what a tricky release that is. and good morning to you, all. in the news this morning, president obama and congressional leaders take a breather today from high-stakes debt talks. mr. obama is still pushing for a big deal to solve the crisis, but republicans now appear to favor a short-term solution. china is calling on president obama to cancel today's meeting with the dalai lama at the white house. china says the meeting could hurt relations between the two countries, which have been improving lately. federal regulators are proposing new rules that would make the cost of flying much
7:36 am
easier to calculate. the transportation department wants airlines to report on exactly how much they make from baggage fees and other penalties. everything kate middleton wears seems to turn to gold. how about the car she used to drive? the volkswagen gulf she drove in college is on the auction block on ebay. the current owner is asking for about 15 times more than he paid for it. something tells me he will get it. time now for the weather and amber sullins from our phoenix affiliate knxv is in today. hello, amber. >> good morning. well, we are tracking some gorgeoeo weathth in the northeast. temperatures in the 80s looking great, but the heat is the big story across the heart of the country. triple digits again for dallas and oklahoma city, minneapolis, nasty storms this morning, but you'll be talking about the heat this afternoon as you warm up to 94 degrees and a look at the national outlook. we have monsoon storms kicking up through new mexico and colorado. that moisture will shift back to arizona and hit phoenix by tomorrow.
7:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to youil >> this weather report has been brought to you by chili's. bianna. >> amber, thank you. well, a high-powered hollywood couple is splitting up. superstar singer jennifer lopez and marc anthony are ending their seven-year marriage. they said in a statement that it was a "very difficult decision" "people" magazine's aassistant editor julie dam is here to talk about that. julili good morning to you. did anyone see this coming? we know that jennifer lopez was out in los angeles meeting the royal couple last week. instead of bringing along anthony, she brought her mom. was that a sign? >> i guess in hindsight it was a sign, but this was a shocker for everybody. you know, the last time most o us saw them together, they were doing this incredibly hot,
7:38 am
sexy performance on "american idol" and they have a seven-year marriage with two adorable children. they renewed their w wding vows twice in recent years, so, yeah, this was totally shocking. >> and just t few months ago, as you mentioned, they do have twins, jennifer was out saying she wants more kids too. so that's even more puzzling. >> you know, marriages are complicated. we don't know exactly what was going on in that house, and it seems like they are definitive. the marriage is over. >> and they were really a working power couple. they collaborated together on many projects. do you think in hindsight that that strengthened their relationship or strained it? >> yeah, you know, when they got together, we all thought this was going to stick because they have similar backgrounds. they have similar interests. they collaborated on music and a movie and, of course, they have a reality show that they just recently announced. they're supposed to be travevelg around latin america finding new talent, so, you know, in a way it kept them together. he was always around with "american idol," so it seemed like they worked well together. >> they were sort of unlucky in love. jennifer's third marriage. i don't know, is this his second marriage? >> that's right. >> he had a messy divorce
7:39 am
before. what's next for them, do you think? >> well, you know i think it's just getting used to the fact that they're not going to o a couple anymore and figuring it out, how to, you know, raise two children when you're divorced. it's going to be complicated. >> all right. but a shocker, indeed, from hollywood. all right. julie, we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. and coming up on "good morning america," team usa is in the women's world cup finals, and the player leading the team gives new meaning to the term soccer mom. we'll meet her coming up. plus, new grandparents are in the mix in "your three words." we'll check out what's been happening with you all coming up next on "good morning america." rning america." america." candidates for this p. why should i choose you? oh, um... well, i'm your wife, and your car's in the shop, and you need a ride to chili's. hey, you're good. who will you take to chili's $20 dinner for two? there are 16 entrees to choose from, like our new chicken club quesadillas, made with fire-roasted corn guacamole and grilled chicken.
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory well, people will be chanting usa, usa, in germany this weekend. that's because the american team will be playing in the finals of >> you know, they've really gone from relative anonymity to total stardom in recent days with a lot of the fans latching on to the individual players including the captain, who as it turns out is a true soccer mom. >> been there and experienced it. i've won a world cup, you know, and just trying to capture that moment for everybody else thth i can. >> reporter: since 1997 christie
7:43 am
rampone has dedicated her life to the united states soccer team, and at age 36 she is the only member of this year's world cup squad to repeat a trip to the finals. she was on that historic team that took the cup home in 1999. >> some people have emotions by yelling. i'm the one that sets the tone, calms everyone down, brings us back to focus. >> reporter: as a veteran champion, this native floridian is an inspspation and leader even to top soccer player abby wambach, who with one more goal will become the woman with the most goals in women's world cup history. >> having christie as our captain, as our leader, as somebody who's been down this road when it was at the biggest stage in america, we have our leader. you can see how hard she works. and she does it in this quiet, amazing way that she just leads by example. >> it's comforting to know that the team believes in me, but i also bring this calmness to the team as the experienced player, been in this situation before.
7:44 am
>> reporter: not only is she a leader on the field, this married mother of two is a real soccer mom. >> being active, being a mom, being captain, being a good teammate keeps me balanced. no matter what happens, i get to come home to two kids that are happy, smiling, you know, there's nothing like coming back when reilly y ks me, you know, how was practice today, mom, how's training? did you win? i can have my love on the field, playing soccer and then separate it and come home and enjoy my kids and my husband and, you know, be a happy family. >> reporter: she's hoping her experience both at home and on the pitch will bring home a championship on sunday. >> i know i've done everything throughout my career to be prepared for this game. it's been an honor to play for the u.s. team and to be part of two special teams. >> there was a great detail in the papers this morning about how it really shows how popular
7:45 am
they've become as they started winning during this contest. early on when they were holding their press briefings in germany they used to do it at a little table in the lobby of the hotel. now they need an entire ballroom. >> and they give new meaning to the term multitasking obviously. they have a busy job to make us proud and they're moms, as well. they're doing it all. >> it's going to be a huge game tomorrow. joe biden is going, the vice president. chelsea clinton will be there, as well. you cacawatch team usa take on japan in the finals of the women's world cup tomorrow on a little place called espn as robin roberts likes to say starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> and, boy, will we be watching, but coming up on "good morning america," your week "in three words." ♪ is that bridge getting built? ♪ are your hands getting filled ♪ words." ♪ is that bridge getting built? ♪ are your hands getting filled ♪ to match your mood. s that switch but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet. [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family.
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can i just say that sitting on the couch, you know, i miss ron claiborne every time he leaves, but sitting on the couch -- >> ogs he's always got your back. >> with three lovely ladies is actually terrific. >> i didn't know how catty this place was until the commercial break. >> she's referencing the fact that everybody was making fun of me before the commercial break. before i get sued or anything like that, i want to we have reached the point where we turn it over to you. here's a look at your week "in three words." the band is called the head and the heart, and the song is called "lost in my mind." and the video is yours. >> all: good morning, america. ♪ how's that bricklayin' coming how's your engine running ♪ ♪ is that bridge getting built are your hands getting filled ♪ ♪ won't you tell me my brother there are stars up above ♪
7:50 am
♪ we can start moving forward how's that bricklayin' coming ♪ is that bridge getting built ♪ ♪ are your hands getting filled won't you tell me my brother ♪ we can start moving forward ♪
7:51 am
♪ oh ♪ oh i get lost ♪ oh i get >> a lot of twins in that one. >> yeah. i love the grandparents holding the twins. adorable. well, if you want to be a part of "your three words" go to and you can upload your video there. wewel be right back entertaining dan here.
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i want to thank everybody for watching this morning and remind you to watch the jaycee dugard special tonight. a lot of new information in there. it's going to be gripping. >> yeah, you definitely don't want to miss that. of course, you can always go to for the latest news and don't forget to watch "world news with david muir" later this evening. it's been fun having the ladies here. we're going to have them back tomorrow. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> see you later, everyone. tomorrow. >> see you later, everyone. good saturday morning to you. let's start with a check of the forecast. >> hi, there terry. we're looking at the clouds in emeryville. cool temperatures. mid and upper 50s so not too bad if you head out.
7:57 am
we have drizzle and slow clearing. in fact, we won't see any clearing at all in san francisco. the reason being couple areas of low pressure, the one that kept us cool all week long is moving out but on its heel says settling in. that will be providing the cooler day today of the weekend and with that marine layer growing pretty tall this morning at about 3,000 feet. it's going to take time to clear. look at the temperatures today. low 60s san francisco. we should see upper 60s for average high, that is 7 degrees below the average. oakland, 7 degrees below the average. santa rosa and san jose more than 10 degrees below the average. so with the temperature spread in a narrow range, we'll be on the cool side. but we do have a slight warmup on the way. tomorrow is a couple degrees of warming warming but temperatures will make it on the inland and
7:58 am
mid-60s in the coast. between now and then, kind of cool but counted on afternoon sun well away from the coast. enjoy your weekend. coming up next at 8:00, the cuts are hitting the courts. why fighting a ticket or getting a divorce will be harder and residents [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of ber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one.
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